The government does want civilians to see what's happening at Area 51.

It’s a very bad idea to enter any military base without authorization, but trying to get close to the site near Groom Lake, Nevada, is an even worse plan. The location is better known as Area 51 and is one of the places where the military tests next-gen aircraft, like the U2 spy plane and F-117 stealth jet in the past. After the alleged UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico, in the ‘50s, many people believe alien tech is there, too. This video shows two guys on adventure motorcycles getting about as close to the base’s boundary as possible and the armed response that comes from trying to enter Area 51 without permission.

Other videos on this YouTube channel show that these guys aren’t showing up at the base’s border by accident. They’ve been there before and even once claimed to see a sniper on a ridge.

This time they had a far closer encounter with security. They initially pass a pickup going the other way on a dirt road around the base. The riders can talk to each other over Bluetooth and initially agree to turn their cameras off. Just as they start walking up to boundary sign, the same truck comes speeding down the road, and things get tense for a few minutes.

The guys in the unmarked truck wearing camouflage are armed. Both riders receive a pat down, but they get to leave since they aren’t trespassing. However, one of the cycles is about as close to the boundary as it could get.

The armed guards use some rather explicit language to get their point across, so this clip probably isn’t safe for watching at work. The video shows that trying to trespass on a U.S. military base is not going to end well, and you shouldn’t try it.

Via: Auto Evolution

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