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A rally driver at an event in Lapua, Finland, narrowly avoided hitting a herd of moose that was crossing the stage, and the in-car camera captured the near miss on video. We can't tell how fast the racer was going, but the vehicle's speed was certainly enough to ruin the car if it had collided with one of the giant animals. 

The clip begins with the driver waiting at the start, and the racer looks fairly skilled at handling the vehicle through the forest. Things get interesting about 1:58 into the video when the car comes around a gentle corner, and there's a moose crossing the road. You can then hear either the driver or co-driver yell as a second and then a third animal appears. It's a close enough call that the guy needs to make a slight correction with the steering wheel to avoid the last moose.

Stay tuned through the rest of the clip because we get the impression the driver is shaken up after the near collision. He completely botches a corner and takes a shortcut through one of the orange track markers. It's hard to blame the guy for being distracted because he just avoided a potentially deadly crash by only a few feet.

Moose can weight well over a 1,000 pounds, and their long legs give the creatures a high center of gravity. When a vehicle hits one, the legs collapse, and most of the animals weight crashes down on the passenger compartment. Collisions with the creatures are such a danger that automotive publications test in places like Sweden perform a test to make sure a model can safely swerve out of the way. Volvo even has an automatic braking feature for its latest models that scans the road for large animals, including elk and moose. 



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