Horses being jerks doesn't doesn't help when trying to reverse a trailer.

Horses are jerks. It’s difficult enough to reverse a trailer through a right-angled turn, so the last thing you need is a flock of horses laughing themselves hoarse as you try your best.

You get flustered, and as you get flustered your maneuvering gets worse and worse with each attempt. Until the horses fall over in hysterics and you tear off out of the yard in frustration.

But there’s always a way to shut a jerk up and, in this case, it’s VW Trailer Assist, which backs the horsebox into the parking spot with absolutely no effort whatsoever. All the horses can do is look on in stunned silence.

Trailer Assist is an extension of the automatic parking system that is available on many Volkswagen models. The driver simply needs to engage the system and tell it which way to turn with the electric mirror joystick. The car does the rest.

You can watch a demonstration in the video below, though it will help if you’re fluent in Dutch.


It looks simple, but there is, of course, a vast amount of processing power going into the minute adjustments the system makes to the steering to keep the trailer pointing in the right direction.

Trailer Assist will have taken thousands of hours to develop, yet only a tiny percentage of Volkswagen cars are fitted with a towbar at the factory and therefore need it. It seems likely VW developed the system simply because it could.