The Carlex Design retrim is probably worth more than the car itself.

The interior of the Skoda Fabia is a perfectly pleasant place to while away a journey. It is logically laid out, comfortable, spacious for what Europeans call a “supermini”, made with precision from high quality materials, and can be specced to a surprisingly high level.

And yet it does feel a bit austere. The colors are dark, the surfaces relatively hard, and there is just no flair in the design. It is a practical, rational interior for a practical, rational car. Not a place, then, that engenders any real desire to spend time there, just to spend time there.


Polish car interior couturier Carlex Design, though, has attempted to turn a Fabia interior into as luxurious and inviting a setting as the inside of a Rolls-Royce.

Carlex has completely retrimmed the Fabia’s interior in finest cow hide. Not just the seats, either, but the dashboard, door panels, center console, and steering wheel, too. But, for some reason, the factory-fitted piano black dashboard fascia and beige felt headliner have been left untouched.

The intricately-patterned black leather upholstery a leavened by splashes of contrasting red, and matching stitching. The word “Birdman” and a stylized, winged motif are embossed onto the seats.

Carlex does not say as much, but it seems likely the retrim was commissioned by a particularly committed owner. They would have to be, as it probably cost considerably more than was paid for the car itself. In fact, add the cost of car and interior together, and the owner could well have bought something just as luxurious in the first place.

Objectively, this Fabia is a giant waste of money, completely defying logic. But who said financial sense and logic have to dictate what car we buy and what we do with it? 

I'm sure it will divide opinion, but surely we should just by happy that a fellow gearhead is living their dream.

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