The next B0 platform product will be a crossover, but there could also be a station wagon.

The first next product expected to use the B0 low-cost platform is a crossover version of Sandero. We could say it will derive from Logan, but the renderings we already have clearly show that Logan is no longer the visual reference to be followed in what relates to Dacia. That can be confirmed by the notchback version of Sandero. Although we have stated it would possibly be a new Logan, Renault in Brazil has sworn Logan will remain in its place. The recent restyling of the sedan, caught in Romania, gives Renault’s statement some credit and the possibility of yet another product to the B0 family. If that applies to Logan, it could as well be the case for Logan MCV. Sandero was sure to inspire a restyling of Logan’s station, but it may also be the base for the creation of a new station wagon, as our reader Slawomir Zur has shown us with this rendering.

The question is: would there be space for two station wagons in Dacia’s range? In Europe, it is very likely, but not in emerging countries such as Brazil. This is surely the cause for Renault’s denials on producing Logan MCV in South America, although there is a huge market for compact station wagons in this side of the globe. This would only make sense if Renault did not want to make money or if it had another product to offer, such as a Sandero Grand Tour.

Slawomir Zur has made a very sophisticated version of this station, with disc brakes in all four wheels and big alloy wheels, which would not find their way into production, at least not in Brazil. All the other details are possible and even desirable, considering the results. In Europe, the seven-seater MCV could be destined to a working public, while the five-seater Sandero Grand Tour would appeal to small families. In Brazil and other emerging markets, it could take the place of fading products, such as VW Parati, which will not get a replacement when the new VW Gol finally reaches the market. We’ll keep an eye on this story. If you have any info to share with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, just like Slawomir Zur did.

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