CCTV footage has been leaked of a crash outside the former monarch's home.

CCTV footage has been leaked that could show Princess Beatrix of The Netherlands crashing a car as she attempted to drive through the gates of her home.

The footage was shot by a security camera inside the grounds of Drakensteyn Castle, where the former monarch, who abdicated from the Dutch throne in 2013, has lived since last year. It first appeared on Dutch website

The footage, which was captured some months ago, shows a black Renault Twingo waiting to enter the gates as a guard from the Royal Dutch Police drops the bollards. But the second one doesn’t go all the way down and springs back up as the Twingo approaches.

The car meets the bollard and stops abruptly. The guards look on in disbelief as they try to work out what just happened, and what to do next. As the bollard actually impaled the underside of the car, it probably took a crane to lift it off. Fortunately, it looks as if the driver is okay, if rather shocked.

It isn’t clear if Princess Beatrix was in fact driving the Twingo. No doubt she can drive, and it would not be unprecedented for her to drive out from her home by herself, with no security. Queen Elizabeth of England is often seen driving to and from her Sandringham, Norfolk and Balmoral, Scotland homes, after all.  

But it does seem unlikely she would drive a base model Renault Twingo. Unless, of course, she wished to travel incognito. Even a monarch could go unnoticed in such a car if no-one expected to see her.

It is probably more likely, though, that the driver was a member of staff. But as there has been no official comment on the incident from Dutch authorities, it leaves the situation open to speculation.

For the time being, they are more worried about finding out how the footage was leaked in the first place. And we get to watch yet another amusing fail.