Dragsters are not aeroplanes. Indeed, the idea is that they stay very firmly on the ground. That much is self-evident, but not to a certain Ford Mustang dragster that attempted to take flight with inevitably crashy consequences.

As the appropriately-named Stevie Fast punched the gas in his Fox body Mustang, it lifted the front wheels and they just kept on going. Eventually, the whole car lifted off the ground, pointing directly skywards. It rotates around the vertical and drifts towards the concrete barrier, the rear end crashing into it. The impact brings the car smashing back down to earth, upside down, and it slides down the strip. The whole, wild ride lasts about 300 feet (90 meters).

The engine erupts in flames, but Stevie quickly escapes the wreckage. Speaking to 1320 Video after the crash, he said with masterful understatement: “Yeah, it was pretty hairy. Catching fire is tough.” No kidding!

Fortunately, Stevie had improved the car’s safety equipment after witnessing a big crash last year. Unfortunately, the car, known as Shadow, was extremely heavily damaged. A shame, as Stevie has a long history with it. “I hate that I tore it up. I love that thing,” he said.

“At the end of the day, when you pile one up like that, so long as you can walk away from it,” Stevie added. And a good thing, too, that the 1/8th mile spotter is fine, as he was stood mere inches from where the car hit the barrier. Yet he immediately jumped over the wall and sprinted  to the car, even before it had come to rest.

Stevie already has plans to fix the car up and possibly even improve it for the 2017 season. Assuming he doesn't sell it in the meantime. It was for sale, and still is. The asking price might have dropped a bit, though. Time to grab a bargain, if you fancy a winter project.

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