It effectively means the base price has jumped by $11,500.

In a rather surprising move, the Palo Alto-based EV manufacturer has decided to eliminate the most affordable version of its SUV, which was available for around three months at a starting price of $75,200. That means buyers in the market for the cheapest possible Model X will have to fork out an extra $11,500 to acquire the new entry-level model, the $86,700 75D version (including destination fees).

The now defunct Model X 60D had the same 75-kWh battery pack as the 75D, but the software capped its capacity to 60 kWh for an EPA-rated 200-mile range. Tesla has an optional over-the-air update to unlock the battery’s full potential for an extra $9,500. With the software revision in place, the 60D will have the same 238-mile range as the 75D.

Tesla is going to sell the 75D from now on with a standard Smart Air Suspension replacing the coil spring setup. It was previously offered as optional equipment for an extra $2,500 and it brings a more comfortable ride for the all-electric SUV.

According to a Tesla spokesperson, the Model X 60D has been axed in a bid to comply with “the needs and desires of customers looking for a longer-range all-electric SUV.” In other words, the model’s 200-mile range probably just wasn’t enough for some people in the market to acquire a premium SUV with zero emissions.

That being said, the Model S 60D will soldier on with the 75-kWh battery pack limited at 60 kWh for an EPA-rated range of 218 miles, or 259 miles with the over-the-air update to access the battery’s full capacity.

It remains to be seen whether the removal of the entry-level 60D will hurt sales of the Model X, or it won’t actually matter since it might not have been very popular in the first place due to its lower range.

Source: Tesla