Thanks to its competitive pricing (€15,601 in France) which includes 'Renault Sport Experience' driving tuition, Twingo Renault Sport opens up the Renault Sport thrill to a wider range of customers

The sporty Renault Twingo RS (Renault Sport) is almost ready to go on sale in Europe, priced in France at Euro 15,601. It may not be a race-car, but with its 133 hp from its 1.6 liter 16V engine this small car will have a high fun factor. In order to let their customers have all the fun they want with the hot hatch, Renault will provide every customers with a Renault Sport Experience driving tuition.

The driving tuition will give the new RS drivers all the driving experience you need to maximize the Renault Sport thrill. A closed circuit driving instruction will show the new owners exactly what the hot hatch can do in regards to handling and the electronic driving aids.

Romain Grosjean, test driver for Renault F1 and winner of Formula Renault 1600, 2000 and F3 Euroseries, has helped with the design of the contents of the theoretical and practical components.

Gallery: Renault Twingo RS with Driving Tuition