Inventory needs to be cleared, as well.

Ford has temporarily stopped production of the Mustang at its Flat Rock Assembly Plant in response to slowing sales and increasing inventory, reports The Detroit News.

In September, Mustang sales in the United States fell 32 per cent to 6429 units. By the end of the month, inventory stood at 89 days as well, about 30 days more than analysts say is desirable.

Year to date sales were also down by the end of September. 87,258 Mustangs had been sold up to that point in 2016, a reduction of 9.3 per cent on the same period last year.

Ford reduced its incentives in September, offering around $2700, down from the $3000 or so that was being offered the month before.

Spokeswoman Kelli Felker told The Detroit News in an email: “We continue to match production with demand. Mustang remains the top seller in its segment in total and retail sales.”

Chevrolet would probably argue that point. Its great Mustang rival, the Camaro, saw a 25.4 per cent jump in sales in September, up to 6577, perhaps helped by incentives of around $3300.

Inventory levels are much higher for the Camaro than the Mustang, though. At the end of September, Chevrolet held 120 days supply - it had, at least, cleared 19 days of supply during the month.

Yet a General Motors spokesman said there were no plans to follow Ford’s lead and halt production at the Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant in an effort to clear stock.

During the first half of the year, GM said about 90 per cent of Camaro sales were to retail buyers, up four per cent on the same period in 2015, while market share grew 3.8 per cent.

At the time, GM North America President Alan Batey said: "We are selling this product and customer are paying for the product, a great value for money. Ford is transacting rent-a-car fleet business, base level trims."

Mustang sales in the much of the rest of the world have been comparatively strong. In the United Kingdom, for instance, it was the best-selling "performance car" for the year to the end of July, selling 2371 units, beating the Jaguar F-Type into second place by 871 units.

Source: The Detroit News

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