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This is a car the the Italians would call il classico finale. It’s a 1970 Lancia Fulvia, and besides being in immaculate condition inside and out, it comes ready to race with all the proper equipment and fixtures. It's for sale on eBay Motors with a 'Buy It Now' price of $200,000. And yes, there’s a reason for that six-figure price tag.

The Fulvia was introduced to the Lancia lineup in 1963, with production lasting 13 years until 1976. Thirteen, though, wasn’t unlucky for this plucky little Italian. Aside from being a well-sold vehicle in Europe, the Fulvia took home the Italian Rally Championship every year from 1965 to 1973, excluding 1970, and won the International Rally Championship for Manufacturers in 1972.

The Fulvia would take home nine rally championships in just an eight year span — and even one class win at Daytona — before its decline, where it was eventually replaced by the more agile Stratos. The Fulvia would continue racing on and off until 1974 with only limited success. That’s where this example comes in.

1970 Lancia Fulvia Rally Car eBay

The fully-restored, race-proven Fulvia seen here for sale was a member of the Lancia rally team from 1973-1974. Though it found little success on the rally stage comparatively — its only win coming at the 1973 European Rally Championship — it remains an iconic piece of Italian racing history nonetheless.

One of just 20 examples produced, the car is completely restored with a fully rebuilt 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, suspension components, and drivetrain. All of the original, matching numbers remain, as does the original speedometer and pressure gauges. 

On the outside, it wears a handsome red and white Lancia-Marlboro livery with bronze wheels, proper fog lights, and sponsor stickers to match. The inside is simple, finished in black leather with corduroy inserts in the seats, and in immaculate condition.

At $200,000, it’s a small price to pay for such an iconic piece of Italian racing history.

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