A first world problem has been solved.

Much like those electrically-operated tailgates take a lot of time to fully open and close, the Model X’s “Falcon Wing” large and heavy doors need a significant amount of time to perform the same operations. With Tesla’s recently introduced v8.0 update, that’s less of an issue now as the opening time has been reduced by 22 percent from 6.6 to 5.1 seconds, while the closing time is also down by a substantial 26 percent from 8.4 to 6.2 seconds.

Someone from Norway with a Tesla Model X P90D has decided to demonstrate the reduced opening and closing times for those rear doors brought by the update from v7.1 to v8.0. The difference is noticeable and it’s quite impressive when you consider the new software can be obtained via an over-the-air update, thus without having to take the car to your local Tesla dealership.

While this improvement may or may not seem frivolous, the other revisions brought by the v8.0 update are undoubtedly important. The much-criticized Autopilot semi-autonomous driving system is now making greater use of the car’s front-mounted radar sensors, while the Autosteer function will automatically shut off if the driver will decide to ignore the numerous visual and audio warnings.

In addition, Tesla says the new software also brings the “biggest UI revamp” ever, along with better voice recognition and a new feature called “Cabin Overheat Protection.” It automatically turns on the AC once the temperature inside the car reaches 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). In the near future, owners will be able to set the temperature from which the climate control system will automatically start.

The latest version is available for all Teslas produced from 2012 onwards, but we should point out the Autopilot tweaks can be had only on cars manufactured past a certain point in 2014. That’s because the older ones are not equipped with the sensors to handle the improved functionality.

Source: Bjørn Nyland (YouTube) via Electrek.co