Alfa Romeo used some colored powder and an iPhone 7 Plus to create abstract art with its Mito hatchback.

Alfa Romeo knows how to make art; just look at its most recent lineup — the 8C, the 4C, the Guilia, just to name a few. But when the company isn’t busy making art out of its vehicles, it likes to make art with its vehicles. Bear with me...

Using an iPhone 7 Plus and its new high-quality dual camera feature, the company was able to create and record a work of art with its Mito hatchback, some colored powered, and some paint. The final result of all this effort is something you might see hanging in a hipster art museum… if that hipster art museum was sponsored by Alfa Romeo.

Utilizing its unique D.N.A driving system, the Mito was able to achieve a few different layers in its art. In Dynamic mode, the Mito blasted through the colored powder, spraying it up onto the canvas in various directions and all over itself in the process. With All-Weather mode engaged, the Mito improved on its handling in the slippery paint section. 

"This demonstration of the new Alfa Mito's agility and performance shows the quality of the technology at play in our cars and highlights how the stylish, dynamic new Alfa Mito can be ready for anything at the flick of a switch,” said Alfa Romeo UK country manager Damien Dally.

With a 1.3-liter turbocharged engine and an increased output of 95 horsepower (70 kilowatts), the Mito is a bump more powerful than the one it's replacing, but keeps in tact its stylish persona in the European supermini market. Just don’t try this at home, kids.

Source: Alfa Romeo

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