Where are the rest of the members of the band?

Jaguar Land Rover is using a really weird strategy to promote a very good idea. The automaker now has the animated character Noodle from the band Gorillaz as a global ambassador. The company wants to use the cartoon figure as a way to inspire young people to pursue careers in technology and engineering. We’re not sure how a two-dimensional drawing makes that important point, but JLR apparently sees the connection.

Noodle’s first role is working with the Panasonic Jaguar Racing Formula E team. The company wants the character to highlight the increasing role of electrification in the auto market. JLR believes this is the biggest technological revolution ever in the car industry.

“By 2022 we’re facing a shortfall of 300,000 skilled engineers in the UK alone. It is our responsibility to change this future by inspiring young people,” Fiona Pargeter, Global PR Communications Director at Jaguar Land Rover, said about this initiative. “Through Panasonic Jaguar Racing’s partnership with Noodle we hope to inspire millions of young people to help invent the future.”

In connection with the campaign, JLR released a short video showing Noodle driving the Formula E racer. The cartoon character is apparently quite adept behind the wheel.

If you’re not familiar with the character, Noodle is from Japan and is the guitarist for Gorillaz. The band is an ongoing project by Blur lead singer Damon Albarn and comic book creator Jamie Hewlett, who is probably best known for the Tank Girl series. The group’s biggest hits were the songs “Clint Eastwood” and “Feel Good Inc.” The band’s last album came out in 2011.

Jaguar Racing joins Formula E's new season that starts on October 9 with a race in Hong Kong. The driving squad consists of Adam Carroll and Mitch Evans. Ho-Pin Tung is the reserve driver. The team has a three-year deal for Panasonic to act as the team’s title sponsor.

Source: Jaguar Land Rover

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