Turn up the volume!

This year’s Concorso Italiano marked several important anniversaries. Probably the most significant was the 50th birthday of the Lamborghini Miura – arguably the first supercar in history and the first mid-engine vehicle designed for everyday use and street driving.

The DeTomaso Mangusta and Alfa Romeo Spider also debuted in 1966 and were celebrating their Golden Jubilees at the 31st Concorso Italiano in August this year.

But why are we talking about an event that was held nearly two ago? Just because our friend Marchettino has uploaded a quite exciting video in YouTube, showing more than 20 supercars leaving the event and drivers putting the pedal to the metal.

The weekend is coming soon, so you’ll have some free time to sit back, turn up the volume, and enjoy the short video, featuring some of the world’s finest supercars of different eras. These include a Ferrari Enzo, an F4, and a 599 GTB, a Lamborghini Miura, a Gallardo, and a Countach, a Maserati Grandsport, and even the not-so Italian Dodge Viper SRT.

Two super rare cars also attended the event and were filmed by Marchettino. One is the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante, showing an amazing exhaust sound, and a Ferrari F430 Spider with a six-speed manual gearbox. Also, don’t miss the moment where a Tesla Model S nearly overtakes a Ferrari 458 Spider on the left lane.

The next year’s event is scheduled for August 19, 2017, and the organizers promise not more cars than this year, but better cars.

What started as a gathering of Maserati fans on a parking lot is now one of the biggest events for Italian supercars in the world. Read our report from the this year's event, which had something for every fan of Italian motoring.

Click the first source link below for the full list of supercars filmed in the video.

Source: Marchettino, Concorso and Autoweek