It’s everything we’ve been waiting for, and then some.

BBC’s new format for Top Gear hasn’t been able to rekindle the magic of the previous trio and that’s why the show’s ratings have suffered a major decline with each new episode. Even though the new cast has great potential, many of us are waiting for the Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May to make a comeback. They will, but on Amazon Prime.

The first trailer for The Grand Tour is out and it has everything you loved about the old Top Gear: supercars (including the McLaren P1, Porsche 918, LaFerrari a.k.a the Holy Trinity), a tank, a helicopter, and a camel, for some reason. More importantly, the boys are up to their usual shenanigans, blowing up cars (that’s what the tank is for), and making fun of each other.

As if that wasn’t enough, the insanely cool Aston Martin Vulcan is also featured in the trailer, as are the lovely Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, the latest Mazda MX-5 Miata, and some American muscle. There’s also the hilarious Roger Moore reference from The Spy Who Loved Me, the “accidental” car drop, stunning scenery enhanced by the 4K photography, and some other scenarios on four continents “just like that Tom Cruise movie.”

The ex-Top Gear trio has signed a three-year deal with Amazon for a total of 36 episodes, split equally into three seasons each consisting of 12 episodes. The Grand Tour is reason enough to sign up for Amazon Prime since even from the trailer it’s easy to notice that the chemistry between the boys is still very much alive. In addition, The Sun is reporting the opening scene has generated a massive $3.2 million bill, which would make it the most expensive TV scene ever.

The first episode will be out on November 18, with the other eleven episodes of the season scheduled to be released on a weekly basis.

Source: The Grand Tour