Reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton says his behaviour in Thursday’s FIA drivers’ press conference was “meant to be fun, not at all disrespectful”.

During the press conference, which is organised by the sport’s governing body and televised to a global audience, Hamilton took photos on his phone and used Snapchat's ‘bunny rabbit filter’ to post them.

He showed the manipulated pictures of himself and Toro Rosso’s Carlos Sainz to a smiling Fernando Alonso, who was sat next to him, and Sainz later tweeted the pics with a response from his mother…


When asked by renowned American journalist Dan Knutson what he was doing as he played around, Hamilton replied: “Hunh? Yeah, no, just... it’s quite funny, just some snaps of us drivers, it’s quite funny. That’s about it.

“Hey man, we’ve been doing this a long, long time and it’s the same each time so got to keep adding new things to it.”

He also later posted a similar one of Mercedes communications manager Bradley Lord, with the comment: “Could this interview get any more boring. I wonder if I will have time to go B&Q on Monday. Need a new sofa."

Following his Snapchat posts, Hamilton then took to Twitter to explain his playful phone antics – and to call for a change in the press conference format to be more inclusive of the fans…