This beautiful MC-63 hypercar concept proposes a LaFerrari-based addition to the Maserati lineup.

Beautiful lines, stunning (hypothetical) performance — and yes, that is a Maserati badge. The Maserati MC-63 hypercar concept was designed by Andrea Ortile of Torina, Italy. It shares its base with the all-powerful LaFerrari and draws its inspiration from the iconic Tipo 63 Birdcage race car of Le Mans fame.

“The design is inspired by the famous race car the 1961 Maserati Tipo 63 Birdcage,” says its designer. “The elegance and the sport of the Italian brand live together in this car.”

With that history in mind, Ortile set to work on creating a hypercar worthy of the “63” moniker. Sleek, aggressive lines show its general similarities to the LaFerrari. But a more elegant approach in developing certain aspects of the car separates it from the hyper aggressiveness of its Prancing Horse sibling.

The side profile, for example, steals its cues from the iconic Tipo 63. The keen enthusiast should be able to recognize some of the similar lines. “The roof is a constant curved line which links the front to the rear,” says its designer, “and the wheel arches are soft and rounded.”

Maserati MC-63 Concept

On the nose, the iconic Maserati grille sits front and center. Similarities like the stylish, sleek headlights and sloped grille can be traced back to recently debuted Alfieri concept. 

On the rear, the MC-63 paints a much different picture; a rounded boot and ultra thin taillights pair to a carbon fiber diffuser and dual exhaust tips — not forgetting the F1-style rear brake/fog light. The entire package sits extremely low to the ground and features two variations of handsome, high-spoke wheels finished in a polished silver.

Ortile suggests “incredible performance,” but doesn’t go into much detail as to exact specs. One can only assume it would be similar to the 949-horsepower (707-kilowatt) hybrid setup found on the LaFerrari. Now we just have to convince Maserati to make it happen...

Source: Andrea Ortile


Photos: Andrea Ortile

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