Mercedes says it has no intention of stopping Lewis Hamilton from speaking his mind after Formula 1 races, despite the controversy caused by his remarks following the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Hamilton fuelled conspiracy theories about his latest engine failure when he suggested something 'odd' was going on and that 'something or someone' doesn't want him to win the world championship.

Wolff said that he was comfortable in allowing Hamilton to tell the media exactly what he thinks – even though he says suggestions of a conspiracy are wide of the mark.

"Every remark, every answer is allowed after such a frustrating moment," explained Wolff. "If you have the lead of the race, you're just about to get in front in the championship, your engine blows up and then you have a microphone put in front of your face…

"He's allowed to say whatever he wants. It's emotion and it's completely understandable, and each of us would have expressed this frustration in different ways."

"And there is no explanation [for the run of failures]. We came together afterwards and sat down and said 'how is this possible?'. It's a freaky situation that has no rational explanation. And I think after recovering a bit, he just sees that and that's okay. But in the heat of the moment - no problem."

Although Hamilton was upset immediately after the race, Wolff said that things had calmed down following private talks with team management later on – which left him convinced the situation would not drag the team down.

"This team in the past has come out much stronger from these lows - like in Singapore last year, for example," he said. "And that was because we're sticking together.

"When he came back into the garage immediately, he came to see Bradley [Lord], Niki [Lauda] and myself, and went to every single mechanic to say how he felt. And then afterwards we had a discussion with him in a small group.

"We were just all really down from the incident and then we regrouped everybody, all mechanics, all engineers, and we had a chat to bring everybody up. And he said some great things about the team and hopefully that's going to make us recover quickly for Japan."

Wolff also revealed that Hamilton actually made an effort to lift up the team from what had happened.

"Although being a driver he's very much frustrated and emotional about the situation, he was trying to pick up the team, which only the greatest do.

"In such a moment, to come out there and to say in front of all the mechanics and the engineers and to find words to pick them up for the next race and to encourage them is... it's what he did and it was really great."

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No link between Hamilton engine failures - Mercedes