The new Mercedes-AMG E63 is bound to get even more tail happy with the inclusion of drift mode.

Ford coined the term "Drift Mode" with the introduction of its all-wheel drive Focus RS. Not one to be left out of the sideways having fun, Mercedes-Benz is reportedly introducing its own variation of Drift Mode when it introduces the new AMG E63.

Set to make its world debut early in 2017, the latest addition to the AMG lineup will mark the first time the E63 does away with rear-drive standard and offers four-wheel drive in its place. The Drift Mode feature, similar to the Ford Focus RS, will allow drivers the ability to transfer power entirely to the rear wheels, if they so choose.

"It is four-wheel drive and we’re going to have a Drift Mode," company chairman Tobias Moers confirmed in a recent interview. The new system will be included in the E63’s standard electronic stability control system, and will give the vehicle a rear-drive bias allowing for controlled slides... hypothetically.

Not only will the new Drift Mode feature allow for a bit of extra tail-wagging, but Moers assures it will make the car faster on Nurburgring than it's ever been before. "It’s faster on the (Nurburgring) Nordschleife than ever. It’s going to be under 7 minutes 50 seconds [when fitted with] the standard tires."

As far as performance is concerned, the new E63 will exceed 600 horsepower (447 kilowatts) straight out of the box — a healthy increase over the outgoing 549-horsepower (409-kilowatt) model pictured here, and 577-horsepower (430-kilowatt) S tune. Rivals like the Audi RS6 and BMW M5 are likely to follow suit with similar performance figures in years to come.

The new Mercedes-AMG E63 will make its world debut in January at the North American International Motor Show in Detroit, Michigan. Look for even more details on the performance sedan then.

Source: Autocar

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