Yell and holler all you want about saving the manual transmission – much as we want it to stick around (pun intended), the truth is, more and more customers are opting for automatic and dual-clutch gearboxes these days. Porsche sells more PDK-equipped 911s than stick-shift versions, despite offering a very slick seven-speed manual. Audi's new R8 drops its manny-tranny for S-tronic precision. Heck, if a recent rumor is to be believed, even Ford could be following that trend. A new report suggests the Blue Oval is working on a dual-clutch option for its potent Shelby GT350 Mustang.

This news comes from Road & Track, citing information from super-smart forum Now, we don't have any hard evidence to point to, but hear us out. Mustang6G has a long history of getting things right, and the idea that Ford might shove a DCT into its most hardcore Mustang doesn't really surprise us.

Of course, Ford is staying silent about the matter, a spokesperson only telling Road & Track, "We don't speculate about future products."

If Ford is actually working on a dual-clutch Mustang, it's unclear if it will be a six- or seven-speed transmission. The upcoming Ford GT will get a seven-speed DCT, but there's no way to know if that unit will be engineered for Mustang use.

There's no word when the dual-clutch Mustang will arrive, assuming this information is legit, but expect it to show up in the next couple of years. Thankfully, R&T says Ford will still offer a manual transmission in the Shelby GT350, for those of us who like to row our own.


Source: via Road & Track
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