There’s a tendency to think that auto industry executives aren’t really gearheads. But that is far from the case. Among the very biggest is supercar maker Horacio Pagani.

Youtuber Marchettino was at the Misano circuit in Italy for the 2016 Porsche Festival when Mr. Pagani turned up with not one, but three cars from his extensive collection. He and his family brought along a silver Carrera GT, a brand-new red Cayman GT4, and a gorgeous blue 918 Spyder.

It might seem odd that he would buy a car that competes with his own Huayra, but at the very least you have to keep tabs on what your rivals are doing. And he’s no doubt fascinated by the engineering, too.

Pagani was born in Argentina and spent his childhood making toy cars out of balsa wood. At just 20 years of age he designed and built a Formula 3 race car. Then, in 1983, he moved to Italy with a letter of recommendation from none other than five-time F1 champion Juan Manuel Fangio and found himself at Lamborghini. He rose to become chief engineer and put his knowledge of carbon fiber to use developing the stillborn Countach Evoluzione.

In process, he tried to convince Lamborghini to buy an autoclave oven to produce carbon fiber parts for the Evoluzione. They refused, so he bought his own. His Modena Design company remains one of the most highly-regarded carbon composite specialists in the world.

Pagani founded his eponymous car company in 1992. His first car, the Zonda, was launched in 1999 and it was followed by the Huayra in 2012. Pagani’s expertise in composites has been put to good use, the company pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with the material and developing several new forms.

Anyway, Marchettino is very excited to see the elusive Pagani at Misano, and he seems to get plenty of track time. I actually met him once, briefly, on a visit to the Pagani factory in Italy. 

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