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Ghost Rider is jumping off the silver screen and getting a major television role on Marvel’s Agents of Shield. He’s also piloting a new ride that matches the characters current comic book incarnation. The latest video of the Aficionauto chronicles the process of building the Hellcharger – a 1969 Dodge Charger that might look a lot like the muscle car from a certain fast and furious blockbuster film franchise.

Bob Hartwig knows Chargers because he has one from the Dukes of Hazard TV series and one from Fast and Furious. His company Moviemachines took on the job of building Ghost Rider’s hellacious muscle machine for the show. However, program’s producers wanted a vehicle nearly identical to Dom’s Charger, despite Hartwig’s pushing to do something different. They eventually compromised on something very close, though not the same as, the one from F&F.

Making the task even harder, Moviemachines only had three weeks to build a pair of them. Charger shells have become rare on the West Coast because the Fast and Furious builders have cannibalized many of them for building movie cars. Hartwig and his team started with two very ratty machines at the start of this project. They did an outstanding job with them, though.

The Aficionauto takes viewers behind the scenes how much work goes into building a vehicle for Hollywood and reveals a few of the secrets too. For example, the big blower coming out of the Charger’s hood doesn’t actually connect to the engine. Instead, Hartwig and his team came up with an ingenious solution that makes it look very real.

As Hartwig points out, one of the cool things about Ghost Rider is that the character can inhabit any form of transportation, not just a motorcycle. It’s interesting to see the Agents of Shield TV show keep this in mind by matching Ghost Rider’s portrayal in the comics with his latest depiction on screen.

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