No one drove like Senna.

Ayrton Senna’s relationship with Honda went well beyond just taking victories with the company’s engines in his McLaren Formula One car. He also had an instrumental role in the development of the now iconic Honda/Acura NSX. A brilliant new video celebrates the connection between the famous racer and the Japanese supercar.

As sepia-toned footage of Senna’s racing exploits and some of his famous quotes play in the background, creator Robbert Alblas highlights the beautiful details of a red NSX in a dusty garage. The coupe’s wedge shape and pop-up headlights are no longer in vogue, but the design definitely stands the test of time.

Eventually, the NSX leaves the garage and hits the open road. Alblas mixes shots of the tachometer zinging to redline with images of the coupe attacking the corners. The shots succinctly communicate the emotional appeal that the NSX continues to have decades after its debut.

Senna reportedly owned three examples of the NSX, and two of them have been up for sale in recent years. A black one first appeared on eBay in 2013 and later went at auction in the United Kingdom. A red coupe was also available from a dealer in the U.K. At the time, the sellers wanted around $140,000 for each of them. Given the way original NSXs are rapidly appreciating, we might see that price as a bargain in just a few years.

After watching Alblas’ artistic video, you should check out the clip below of Senna actually behind the wheel of an NSX. While it lacks the beautifully composed shots and wistful music, there’s nothing like seeing the famous driver muscle the coupe around the Suzuka circuit. Three cameras let us see not just Senna driving but also provide views of the tachometer and his feet in loafers dancing across the pedals.