With the arrival on the scene of companies like Tesla, Faraday Future, and Detroit Electric, Geely — the Chinese auto manufacturer that owns Volvo — is not one to be left out of the futuristic fray. On October 20th, 2016, the company will launch an all-new brand focused on mobility.

That new brand will be called Lynk and Co. Aside from some vague teasers on the official website, there isn’t much information to reveal the true identity of this new brand… yet. Early reports from OmniAuto, though, give us a general idea as to the overall direction.

At the forefront of this new company will be focuses on things like mobility, reduced emissions (or none at all), the latest in-car technologies in both safety and accessibility, and I'm sure a few other topical keywords. The brand was officially introduced in Berlin, Germany, by current vice president of sales and marketing at Geely, Alain Visser (formerly of Volvo), and points towards strong synergies with the subsidiaries’ Swedish manufacturer, as the two companies share a home in Gothenburg.

For now, we remain in the dark as to all the details. More information will be unveiled later in the month on October 20th.

Source: OmniAuto

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