Luxury is never having to refill your own gas tank.

Bentley is famous for offering some of the most luxurious models on the planet, and now a few customers get to test a new amenity that takes opulence to the next level. Owners in California can take part in a service that brings gas directly to their posh vehicle. The experience means that owners no longer have to mix with regular people filling up their cars at the pump.  

This three-month pilot program comes from a collaboration with Filld, a company that runs an app-based fuel delivery service, and they have a special version of the software called Filld for Bentley. Owners simply have to choose a delivery time because the current Connected Car integration means that the service knows the vehicle's location. Users pay the lowest price of the three closest gas station plus a delivery fee.

"Bentley is extremely interested in expanding the Filld for Bentley service to additional locations. We are keen to gather insights from other geographic locations," Hamid Qureshi, manager of the automaker's connected car operations, told Motor1 via email.


Bentley Filld Partnership
Bentley Filld Partnership

Bentley positions this service as for owners to avoid one more of life's hassles. "We are continuously investigating ways in which to offer our customers tailored, convenient, smart services that afford them the greatest luxury of all: more time," Christophe Georges, the automaker's director of product and marketing, said in the collaboration's announcement.

The company is just testing this lavish service for now, but the company is also already considering the future. "Bentley is interested in gauging customer feedback on this unique service and will consider extending the pilot program," Qureshi told Motor1.

One day an owner might not even need to schedule the fuel delivery. The vehicle would automatically message Filld when the tank is running low, and someone would come top it up with gas. 

The British brand is taking other steps to become more tech savvy recently. For example, the Bentayga has a dedicated Apple Watch app that can control the climate control, some infotainment functions, and even pick settings for the seat heating and massage.

Source: Bentley

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