Well, don’t get too worried. The Skoda Octavia RS is a strong seller and we can't imagine the company killing it, both from marketing and business perspectives. But, as Autocar reports, the Czech manufacturer is planning to review its fast car strategy, as CEO Bernhard Maier is looking for a more profitable business strategy for the sporty sub-brand.

To put this into context, expect Skoda to focus on developing its Monte Carlo, Laurent & Klement, and Sportsline styling packs, instead of working on full-blown high-performance versions.

“Theoretically, there are no barriers to any kinds of derivatives, but it is a question of demand,” Maier told Autocar.

“We have had a wonderful experience with trim upgrades, so I expect to do them again.”

When asked about a vRS variant of the recently launched Kodiaq, the brand’s first-ever seven-seat SUV, Maier commented:

“I can say now that it will have many emotional directions and we will leverage it in every way possible so as to leave as few people as possible out.”

The SUV is going on sale early next year, so we will have to wait at least until 2018 to see whether the it's planned for a version with more than the current 190 horsepower (142 kilowatts) of the range-topping model. Until then, speculations will focus on the Superb, as we are getting mixed signals from reports in the last months.

Some say the car is the right car for a vRS treatment, because its size means buyers are more willing to pay a premium. Other reports claim Maier wants to spend more money on hybrid and electric vehicles rather than sporty cars.

Speaking of electrified models, Skoda is expected to launch its first-ever plug-in hybrid model in 2019, which will be followed by an all-electric model a year or two later. Meanwhile, the company will also make a final decision on its returning to the United States after 50 years.

Source: Autocar

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