Ford Ranger owners willing to spend as much as 21,135 of Australian dollars to customize the Ranger can give Tickford a call for a full package. It pretty much ticks all the right boxes of a proper aftermarket kit, starting off with a powertrain upgrade worth $7,995 set to bump the output of the turbodiesel 3.2-liter, five-cylinder engine and improve throttle response at the same time. Horsepower is up by 10 percent to 228 hp (170 kilowatts), while torque rises by a massive 20 percent for a grand total more than 413 pound-feet (560 Newton-meters).

Spend an extra $4,530 and Tickford will be more than happy to fit your Ford Ranger with Bilstein dampers and a custom 20-inch set of alloy wheels with matching tires. Those who are not too fond of the tuner's black rims can keep the stock ones and order only the dampers for $1,285.

The list of modifications does not end here, as the pickup truck can also be optionally fitted with an assortment of other goodies, including a new exhaust system with dual tips featuring a carbon fiber finish as a way to complement the extra grunt provided by the uprated diesel engine.

Besides upgrades tailored to the latest-generation Ranger, Tickford also has a series of aftermarket items for the Mustang in both four-cylinder EcoBoost and V8 GT flavors. Some bits and pieces for the Everest SUV are scheduled to arrive in the first half of next year, while the Focus RS might also get an assortment of custom parts next year.

Buyers will be able to have their cars upgraded at Tickford’s new modification center in Melbourne later this month on the site of the firm’s sister company Prodrive Racing. It will be joined by a new facility in Sydney towards the end of the year, while a third modification center located in Brisbane is programmed to open its doors at the beginning of 2017.

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