Kimi Raikkonen insists that he still has faith in Ferrari despite the controversy over the team's strategy choices in the Singapore Grand Prix.

Raikkonen was in third place when he was called into the pits in an attempt to give him a better chance to hold off Lewis Hamilton, who had already switched to new rubber.

However, he emerged from the stop behind the Mercedes driver, and had to settle for fourth place.

"We all do our best," said the Finn. "Unfortunately sometimes I make mistakes, sometimes it happens on the team side. We alwaysfsaid we stay as a team whatever the issue is.

"We have to learn from those and try to avoid them in the future. But obviously it's as painful for me as it is for them, or the opposite way, whatever happens."

Regarding what would have happened had he stayed out on his old tires, he said: "Would we have stayed in front? Obviously afterwards it's always easy to say that it was too late to stop.

"If we had stayed out, would they catch us? Probably yes. But would they have passed us? That's a different matter.

"It would have not changed anything anyway if they had passed us in the end. The end result would have been the same. Like I said, it's impossible to say.

"So many things could have changed that. The tires would have lasted, I took it very easily on them.

"Obviously we we were not planning to fall behind, and when we did we could have done things better in many areas. But like I said that's part of learning, obviously not ideal. But sometimes it goes like that."

Raikkonen insisted that despite some issues Ferrari is going in the right direction.

"We are all here in the team to work together to try to improve things, and we've done a good job," he added. "But we still have quite a way to go to be where we want to be, and winning races, and putting ourselves every week to have a good chance to win.

"Obviously we want to fight for championships as soon as we can. It's a team effort, and we know that it doesn't happen overnight, so we need some patience, even if we all want it that it would have happened yesterday already. But this is how it goes."


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