The Tesla Model S is ready for race duty with the announcement of the Electric GT racing series.

Just because the Tesla Model S is known for taking on its competition one quarter mile at a time, that doesn’t mean it can’t take on corners too; at least, hypothetically. Electric GT Holding Inc., has unveiled a Tesla Model S prepped for the track, inside and out.

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The previous-gen Model S P85 seen here uses rear-wheel drive and produces 691 horsepower (515 kilowatts). It comes with loads of new features and enhancements to make it more track friendly - the most noticeable being that massive rear wing. Other upgrades like wheels and tires, new aerodynamics on the front end, and a stripped interior separate this race-ready Tesla from anything you might find on the road. 

Though the powertrain remains stock, organizers say the suspension and steering have been improved for the track, as have the brakes. Alas, the large central touchscreen still remains and some of the original factory components.

It was all developed for the new Electric GT Championship race series the company hopes will… shock the world (sorry). Little is known about the upcoming series, but the company did announce that the cars will begin taking to the track as early as next year.

Each race will take place on seven famous race tracks around the world. All the cars on the grid will be Tesla Model S P85’s - though, organizers say other EVs could be added to the grid in the eventual future, while 10 teams with 20 drivers will be at the heart of each race. 

Each event will consists of a 20-minute practice session, a 30-minute qualifying session, and two races spanning the length of 60 kilometers (37 miles). Both drivers swapping seat time throughout. The event will kick off its inaugural season in 2017.

Source: Electric GT

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