Brazilian Grand Prix organisers have expressed their 'surprise' at only being granted a provisional slot on the Formula 1 calendar next season.

The FIA issued a draft 2017 calendar on Wednesday following a World Motor Sport Council meeting, and Brazil was listed alongside Canada and Germany as being 'subject to confirmation'.

It has come after regular suggestions from F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone that Brazil's place for next year was in doubt because of financial issues.

But with the Interlagos race promoters always adamant that they have fully complied with the terms of their contract, which runs until 2020, it has now sent out a statement questioning why its place is not guaranteed.

"The Brazilian Grand Prix Organization, took notice, with surprise, of the 2017 F1 WC Calendar which shows the race TBC (to be confirmed)," said the statement.

"There is a contract in place until 2020 every provision of which will be complied with as it has been for the past 45 years."

Local hero Felipe Massa said on Thursday that the situation was not 'nice' for Brazil, but he hoped a resolution could be found.

"We don't know what happens behind [the scenes]," he said. "Sometimes you see pressure on a country because something is not working for Bernie, or something decides his thinking.

"We know you always have pressures around and it is not nice. Brazil is part of this sport, part of F1 for a long time, so it will be really disappointing to lose a race in Brazil even if I won't be there [racing in 2017].

"But I will be supporting my country. I know the situation in Brazil is not easy at the moment economically, maybe there are some facts around this, but you never now.

"Maybe this is pressure. It can happen. We saw it last year in Germany and I hope it will not happen to us. It is one of the most fun and great races to watch. I hope the best for them, for Brazil and for these guys enjoying racing in Brazil."


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