Motor shows are replete with conceptual vehicles: design studies to gauge interest for future product, technology demonstrators, and thinly veiled versions of soon-to-be production cars. Here at the Paris show, there are three very different “concept cars” just at the back of the Jaguar stand, and with a flash of your American Express card you can take one home with you. 

High-end model maker Amalgam has chosen Paris as its venue to debut three new models: 1:8 scale Jaguar E-Types that are millimeter-perfect representations of their real-world inspirations. Displayed in a small boutique on the second floor of Pavilion 5 (be sure to see the new Land Rover Discovery while you’re over there), these small Jags seem to be the ultimate in desk ornamentation for any auto enthusiast, and must-have for any truly obsessive E-Type owner. 

Shown in coupe, convertible, and lightweight racing versions, the Amalgam E-Types are stunning in their faithfulness to the modeled cars. Wooden steering wheels are made from wood, leather seats of leather, and rubber tires look as ready to grip the road as any period-correct bias ply. I’m not aficionado enough to confirm the tread pattern is accurate, but I’d put a paycheck on that being so. 

Such detail and impressive scale isn’t exactly cheap, of course. The Jags are stickered at €9,100 or just over $10,000 at today’s exchange rates. Clearly they’re not meant for volume sale but there should be more than enough E-Type collectors in the world – and hopefully in Paris this week – to make the new models a success. 

Oh, and if the models are a bit too small for your liking, Jaguar also has some E-Type bonnets for sale in its boutique, as well. A healthy €25,000 is asked for the custom painted item you seen in the gallery below, but lighter €10,000 versions, with simple stripes and/or racing numbers, can be had as well. 

Paris: Come for the cars, stay for the shopping.

Gallery: Amalgam Jaguar E-Type Paris Motor Show

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