Special 50th Anniversary pack available on 2LT and 2SS models.

On September 29, 1966 Chevrolet launched the Camaro, its pony car rival to the all-conquering Ford Mustang. To mark the occasion, Chevrolet has launched a 50th Anniversary Edition pack.

The pack includes Nightfall Gray body color with a black and orange central stripe, unique 20-inch wheels and grille with satin chrome detailing, orange brake calipers, black leather and suede interior with orange stitching, and lots of 50th Anniversary detailing.

The pack is available on the 2.0-liter turbo-engined 2LT and 6.2-liter V8-powered 2SS models, in both coupe and convertible forms. Chevrolet hasn’t yet announced pricing.

Chevrolet has also launched a special website featuring an interactive mural that allows visitors to explore the Camaro’s history, and some retrospective films pulled together from archive footage and commercials. A show at the Lansing Grand River assembly plant in Michigan attracted 300 Camaros of all ages, as well.


Work started on the Camaro in 1963, under the codename Project Panther. It followed exactly the same recipe as the Mustang, putting a sleek and sporty coupe body on an off-the-shelf platform and mechanicals, and offering a huge range of options. It launched in 1966 as a 1967 model and sold reasonably well, but wasn’t the runaway success Ford had achieved with the Mustang - that pattern would persist throughout much of its life.

Three more generations followed, launched in 1970, 1981, and 1993. But declining sales prompted Chevrolet to pull the plug in 2002. It turned out to be a mere hiatus, however. The model returned in 2009, following on from the hugely successful Camaro Concept of 2006. This time it featured GM’s rear-wheel-drive Zeta platform and styling heavily influenced by the 1966 original.

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The current, sixth-generation car was launched in 2015, using GM's new Alpha platform. It's arguably the best Camaro there has ever been.

The Camaro's chief engineer, Al Oppenheiser, said: "Camaro fans share a lot of creative passion for the car - passion for performance and for styling – that was passed along in every generation. Camaro's 50th birthday reminds us of Chevy's history of ingenuity and design excellence. We want to honor our past by creating more exhilarating and stunning Camaros year after year, and that's what we plan to do."

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