We take a closer look at the concept that previews BMW's next crossover coupe.

Like it or not, weird crossover-coupes like the BMW X4 and X6 are here to stay. So it makes sense that BMW wants to add yet another model to this niche segment, previewed here by the X2 Concept shown off at the Paris Motor Show.

Of course, this is a thinly veiled concept. The production model shouldn’t too different from the car you see here – the headlights might be a little larger, the wheels might be a little smaller, and it’ll get some real tires. The smart money says that the production model will look a lot like the BMW X1.

Details are slim, but expect the production X2 to ride on a version of the BMW X1’s platform. That means turbocharged three- and four-cylinder engines, depending on the market, and both front- or all-wheel drive. Still, it’ll be a while before the production car actually launches. Look for it to hit the market at the earliest in late 2017, or more likely, early 2018.

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