BMW i3 and i8 show off CrossFade color concepts in Paris

We usually see Garage Italia Customs working on vehicles from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ brands, but the company teams up with BMW again at the Paris Motor Show for the debut of the i3 and i8 CrossFade concepts. Production versions with a similar aesthetic will arrive in early 2017.

Similar in the way a DJ can make a one great song transition into another, the CrossFade concepts have bodies that gradually evolve between two colors. The inspiration for this effect comes from the 19th century painting technique Pointillism that uses small bits of color for forming an image.

The i8 has a Protonic Dark Silver nose and a Protonic Blue rear. The magic is in the middle, though. Garage Italia Customs applies a careful distribute of colorful triangles that gradually transition the body between the two hues. From a distance, the change seems smooth, but a closer look how tiny changes in each triangle make the evolution possible. The Alcantara headliner and door panels bring the same trippy effect into the cabin. 

BMW I8 and I3 Crossfade
BMW I8 and I3 Crossfade

Garage Italia Customs used an interesting method for creating the dazzling exterior. The firm started with a completely Protonic Blue i8. The painters then added a stenciled film over the body and applied Protonic Dark Silver. Removing the covering revealed the eye-catching pattern.

The effect on the i3 is similar but even more impressive. The color transition on the electric hatchback happens vertically. Protonic Blue covers the lower portion of the body, and it transforms into black at the top. The Pointillism influence is even more obvious because of the sudden color change in the middle. The effect is reminiscent of how many sea creatures look. Inside, the seat bolsters and door panels have the same visual style.

BMW won't yet say how much the production CrossFade edition will cost or how many it will produce. The special model is one of many limited-run i sub-brand models recently, though. Just this year, there are examples like the red Celebration Edition, one-off Futurism Edition, and Protonic Dark Silver Edition, which also debuts in Paris. 

 Source: BMW

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