Protection: that’s the key word behind BMW’s new Motorrad Street Air jacket by Alpinestars.

The German manufacturer explains it's “an advanced airbag system offering comprehensive upper body protection and the freedom to ride a motorbike in both on- and off-road situations.”

The technology is adopted from the current Alpinestars Tech-Air system, requiring no bike-mounted sensors. The system employs a sophisticated algorithm that “detects imminent danger with the greatest precision and inflates the full upper body airbag to provide a highly effective crash protection system, ahead of the first impact.”

The new textile riding jacket is designed to interconnect with the Alpinestars airbag system vest and is an essential component for the system to be fully operational. It offers instantaneous inflatable upper body protection to the back, kidneys, chest and shoulders - the most exposed areas in a crash. This jacket is the first safety product to be launched under an exclusive agreement, between BMW Motorrad and Alpinestars and is available for both female and male customers in different colors.

Check out the video from Alpinestars of their jacket in action during the testing process.

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