Honda brings its almost-ready-for-primetime super hatch to Paris.

The most exciting news from the Honda team here at the 2016 Paris Motor Show is that the Civic Type R will come to the United States… finally. To be clear, this is a prototype version of the vehicle, but Honda concept cars are typically quite close to their production counterparts. And most of what we see here seems plausible for the real deal.

Honda’s being cagey about the specifications of the engine, but we know that the current car makes over 300 horsepower. It’s safe to assume that the new generation car – riding on the all-new Civic platform – will exceed that. Expect enough power to compete with the likes of Ford’s Focus RS, from from two turbocharged liters. If you still have any hesitation about the potency of the power plant, take a long gander at the huge hood scoop. That’s the good stuff, guys.

On the prototype at least, high performance rubber wraps 20-inch wheels. Those fit nicely inside the blistered wheel arches, and the huge wing on the rear hatch completes the go-fast picture. Interestingly, the brushed aluminum finish you seen on this show car is a wrap, so don’t expect a bare metal finish for the production version.

Look for that production car to be unveiled sometime next year, and on sale for the 2018 model year. I’d expect a healthy wait for the Type R, too, so you might want start the queue immediately.

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