A concept version of the X2 is being introduced today in Paris to signal BMW's intentions of adding a third coupe-ified crossover to its growing lineup.

At least in concept form, the X2 looks a lot more exciting than the second-generation X1 upon which it’s based. There seems to be a market big enough to justify the existence of models such as the X4 and X6, so BMW wants a bigger piece of the crossover coupe market by planning to introduce a third model set to come at a more attainable starting price.

Primarily targeting the young audience that wants to stand out from the crowd, the Concept X2 has a very aggressive front end with a fresh take on the corporate kidney grille and massive side vents in the front bumper. The adoption of laser light technology in the headlights has allowed BMW to install very slender clusters lending the front end a sleek appearance that further separates it from the regular X1.

As one would expect to see from a concept regardless of automaker, the X2 rides on a set of huge 21-inch alloy wheels housed within prominent arches to enable a bold look for the controversial crossover/coupe mashup. Slim mirror caps and the absence of conventional door handles both contribute to create a streamlined side profile, while as a special touch there's the BMW badge adorning the C-pillar.

Moving at the back, those two circular exhaust tips look like guns and are flanking a pseudo diffuser. Also noticeable are the very wide wraparound taillights and a more angled tailgate as a result of the reshaped roofline to give the X2 a sportier flair.

BMW has not provided any details as to when it will launch the production car, but the bold X2 is expected to hit the market either by the end of next year or 2018. When it will come, it’s going to ride on the same UKL platform as the X1 from where it will inherit most of the hardware, including a similar array of three- and four-cylinder turbocharged engines. As it’s the case with the regular model, a front-wheel-drive layout will be standard, but some of the stronger engines will be hooked up to BMW’s xDrive setup.

Since the bigger X4 and X6 are more expensive than the models they’re based on, chances are the X2 will also command a premium over its conventional counterpart.

Source: BMW


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