Players in France, Germany, and Australia now have the chance to pick up these custom Xbox consoles.

The arrival of the new Forza Horizon 3 game for Xbox One and PC should excite all you enthusiasts out there. Since we’ve played it firsthand, we can tell you that all the new features and vehicles make it one of the best Forza Motorsport titles to date.

In order to further sweeten the pot, Forza is giving away specially customized Xbox One consoles and controllers in certain regions. Each one represents the likeness of some of the most iconic sports and supercars of the modern era.

In France, players will have the chance to snatch up a retro Ford Mustang-themed console. It uses the iconic throwback look - black with white racing stripes - and pairs with a unique controller. In Germany, an Audi-themed console is up for grabs. This one mimics the all-new R8, and looks almost like something you’d see in a Transformers flick. Of course, a unique controller comes along with it as well.

And in Australia, the company is giving away a Lamborghini-themed console and controller. Probably the most subtle looking setup of the three, the package wears a gunmetal finish with yellow striping that likens it to the rare Centenario supercar we saw earlier in the year.

To enter the contests, each region requires something different from players. In France, interested parties need to comment on the Xbox France Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram pages to be considered. Meanwhile, German players will have to like the Xbox DE Facebook page, and comment on the post about the special offer, telling them who their toughest rival is in Forza.

In Australia, those who purchase Forza Motorsport 3 from the Microsoft store in Sydney, or online from now until October 2nd, will automatically be entered. Those who have already purchased the game can send a proof of purchase via the Xbox Australia Facebook page.

Love 'em or hate 'em, these three consoles are unique additions to an already exciting game.

Source: Windows Central

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