Both the sedan and crossover scored the maximum five star rating.

Crash testing organisation Euro NCAP has revealed the results of its latest round of assessments, and the new Mercedes E-Class sedan and Peugeot 3008 crossover have both scored the top five star rating.

The E-Class scored 95 per cent for adult protection, providing good or adequate protection for most critical areas of the body in most tests. However, a marginal rating for protection of rear seat passengers’ chests in a frontal impact counted against it.

Child protection was similarly high, rated as good or adequate across the board. Pedestrian protection was only rated at 77 per cent, despite all E-Class models being fitted with an active hood that raises in an impact with a pedestrian to provide more clearance between the hood and engine. While protection was largely good, across the leading edge of the hood and the up the windshield pillars, it was rated as poor.

Safety assistances systems were rated at 62 per cent, thanks to autonomous emergency braking and cruise control being standard across the range.

The Peugeot, meanwhile, didn’t fare quite as well as the Mercedes, but still put in a strong performance. Its adult protection was let down by a marginal rating for protection of the driver’s chest in an offset frontal impact, but was otherwise good or adequate on all fronts, earning a score of 86 per cent.

Child protection was rated at 85 per cent, but pedestrian protection at only 67 per cent as the area around the base and sides of the windshield was rated poor. Safety systems scored at 58 per cent, as autonomous emergency braking is not standard on all models.

Euro NCAP carries out offset front, full-width front, side barrier and side pole impact tests. The small overlap test conducted in the United States isn’t currently required, but is likely to be in future.

The rating system was changed recently to assess active and passive systems, and because it felt a five star rating was becoming too easy to achieve. The first car to score five stars was the 2001 Renault Laguna.

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