Both will be available to buy, but only the extremely rich need apply.

Simply being a maker of luxury automobiles is no longer good enough, it seems. Many high-end automakers are extending their reach beyond the car world, in an effort to bring their brand and design philosophies to as big an audience as possible.

But we’re not talking about branded merchandise. No, luxury automakers are trying to integrate themselves into the lives of the ultra-wealthy. Bentley has a range of furniture, Porsche created a high-end kitchen, and so on.

Mercedes is the latest to join the this growing trend, opening Mercedes-Benz Style in 2010. We've already seen its London apartments and the latest project to come out of the studio are the aircraft and yacht interiors you see here, both of which are on display at the Monaco Yacht Show this week.

The aircraft interior was developed with Lufthansa Technik, and is designed to fit into an Airbus A320 or Boeing 737. According to Mercedes “the traditional separation of ceiling, wall, and floor is entirely replaced by a dynamically styled, spiral layout. The interior appointments fit the cabin organically and homogeneously like a DNA helix. The individual spatial elements flow into one another.”

In other words, the boundaries between decor, furniture, and spaces are blurred so that the whole interior feels like one space. Passengers board in a “welcome zone” where they find a galley, kitchen, private room, and bathroom. Elsewhere, there’s an infotainment room, a bedroom, and a private area for guests. A total of 16 passengers can be accommodated. A neat touch are the windows, which feature Mercedes’ Magic Sky technology that turns the glass from opaque to transparent.

Lufthansa Technik’s head of VIP sales, Wieland Timm, said: “Together with Mercedes-Benz Style we plan to target this innovative concept at a private global clientele with a strong affinity for unique design. It is precisely customers from the VIP and VVIP sector who today want innovative and extraordinary design solutions for their aeroplanes.”

The interior will be on display at Monaco as both a 3D presentation and a scale model.

The yacht interior, meanwhile, is fitted to the brand-new Silver Arrows Marine (SAM) Arrow460 Granturismo day cruiser. Like the ‘plane, it features a flowing, organic design making use of eucalyptus wood veneers and a sustainable composite floor covering.

SAM chairman Ron Gibbs said: “By blending the maritime and automotive world with their respective design idioms, technologies, and ideas we have created a new standard for motor yachts. The Arrow460 Granturismo blends maritime engineering artistry with charismatic design and perfect elegance, familiar from the world of Mercedes-Benz.”

England-based SAM hopes to start deliveries of the boat in the second half of 2017.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz Style aircraft, yacht interiors