Now even the hearse can keep quiet at a funeral.

Dutch coachbuilder RemetzCar has built what is believed to be the first Tesla-based hearse in the world.

It has been built for local funeral transport company Van der Lans & Busscher BV, whose fleet largely consists of Cadillacs, Lincolns, Mercedes, and classic British Daimlers and Austins. It also has a number of “specials”, including a hotrod-style machine and one based on a Fiat 500 - also built by RemetzCar.

Company director Jan Busscher said: “From our experience, we chose to have the Tesla built by RemetzCar because of their craftsmanship. RemetzCar is the only bodybuilder in the Netherlands that specializes in stretching luxury cars, and special purpose vehicles. They have really delivered unique work.”

To create the hearse, RemetzCar first removed the battery pack and chopped the chassis in half. 31.5 inches (80 centimeters) was then added to the wheelbase, the pieces stitched back together, and the battery reinstalled. From stem to stern, the hearse measures 227 in (577 cm).

From the B-pillar back, the body has been completely transformed to create the glass-sided, high-roof load area. It does maintain the contours of a standard Model S along the sides, though, and the rear facia will have been carried over as well.

RemetzCar’s stock in trade is stretch conversions of luxury sedans and Range Rovers. Though it seems to enjoy creating one-off specials like this Tesla and the aforementioned Fiat 500. The company was founded in 1996, and launched with a stretched, six-door Mercedes E-Class.

Earlier this year, California-based Big Limos revealed it was working on a stretched Model S limousine, using largely the same techniques as RemetzCar. Newport Convertible Engineering has also produced a four-door, drop-top Model S.

The Tesla hearse will be on display this week at the Funeral Exhibition at Gorinchem in the Netherlands. After that it will be available to hire for anyone who wants an environmentally-friendly funeral. Or to keep their vow silence to the last. Sadly, it seems the hearse isn’t based on a P90D, so drag racing through the cemetery probably won’t be an option.

Source: Electrek

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