Moral of the story? Italians make love in cars twice as much as the English and French.

Just in time for the Paris Motor Show, which starts tonight with Volkswagen Group’s night of premiers, Citroen has conducted a study, revealing European motorists have some pretty interesting habits behind the steering wheel.

The “Our lives in cars” survey, made in cooperation with CSA Research market research agency, is part of a new TV ad campaign, scheduled to launch in mid-October. It explores “what goes on inside a car – what people do in their cars, how they feel and how they live in them,” and has been administered in July and August this year with samples of around 500 people aged 15 and over in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.

So, according to the research, a European spends four years and a month in a car during his life – two years and nine months as a driver, and one year and four months as a passenger.

Each European driver, who uses his car almost every day, will thank or wave to 10,056 people on the road.

Everyone’s a rock star under the shower, but Citroen claims people sing in their cars too, with Europeans doing that some 3,917 times in the course of their lives. Vehicles are an extension of the bathroom also because many Europeans do their hair, shave, or put on their make up in-car. 1,234 times in their lives.

Interestingly, Europeans kiss 2,432 times and make love four times in their cars, but Italians do it twice as much as the English and French. And what about the annoying phrase “Are we there yet?” Motorists on the Old continent give “We’ll be there soon” as an answer to that question 228 times.

The French manufacturer explains it initiated the survey because “before you can design a car, you need to understand how people live in it.”

You can find more interesting results from the survey in the press release section below.

Source: Citroen

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