The brand wants to know if the world is ready to change. We'll find out just how big the shift will be at the model's debut in the City of Light.

The Paris Motor Show is just days away from kicking off, and Mercedes-Benz is promising its electric concept is something special at this year’s event. Autocar concurs with previous rumors by claiming that the vehicle might be a crossover EV.

Mercedes’ teaser video gives a few hints that this might actually be a concept for an electric CUV. A brief shot of the wheels shows a higher ride height than what would be on a sedan. The broad front end also looks more utilitarian than most luxury four-doors.

The short clip indicates that the design includes a large grille, and the entire nose has a lit outline. Blue lights in the front slats add an extra pop of color, too. Inside, there are panoramic roof panels with a split down the middle. Mercedes’ current infotainment system arrangement also evolves with the addition of more capacitive controls.

This concept likely previews the design of Mercedes’ future EVs that would take on Tesla. The brand intends to launch at least six of them between 2018 and 2024 as part of the new MEQ sub-brand. Some of these models, including the crossover, will use a new architecture specifically for vehicles with electric propulsion.

The 2016 Paris Motor Show will be a major showcase for electric motoring, especially from German marques. For example, Volkswagen will debut a concept for an electric hatchback with sliding rear doors. The exterior will be roughly the size of the Golf, but the compact powertrain will allow a cabin that will be as roomy as a Passat.

While not quite as exciting, Opel will debut the e-Ampera in Paris, too. The hatchback is the European version of the Chevrolet Bolt but with a different nose. However unlike the VW and Mercedes concepts, this model is production-ready and goes on sale next year.

Source: Autocar