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General Motors has already announced its new Duramax diesel engine for the 2017 model year. Both the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra will receive the option - but so far, we've yet to get any official figures on the new powertrain. Until now.

Available to consumers will be 445 horsepower (331 kilowatts) and 910 pound-feet (1,221 newton-meter) of torque. The new engine will be more powerful than the Ford Super Duty as far as horsepower is concerned (445 vs 440), but will fall just slightly behind in terms of torque (910 vs 925). That’s not to say it’s still not an impressive figure.

The upgraded engine represents a significant increase over the outgoing generation. With just 360 horsepower (268 kilowatts) and 765 pound-feet (1,037 newton-meter) of torque available on the current model, the new engine should entice consumers looking for signature GM dependability paired with a more powerful diesel option.

The leaked figures were displayed on the GM global propulsion product guide posted on the GM Powertrain website, and were discovered by the sleuths at GM Authority. All of these new figures, we should mention, are SAE J1349 certified.

The new engine will be manufactured at the GM-Isuzu D-Max plant in Moraine, Ohio, and will be available on Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra Heavy Duty variants in 2017. The engine will come paired to an Allison 1000 transmission.

As far as the competition is concerned, the new 6.6-liter Duramax will be the most powerful in the segment with 445 horsepower (331 kilowatts). The Ford comes in second with 440 horsepower (328 kilowatts), the Ram following behind that with 385 horsepower (287 kilowatts), and the Nissan Titan with a lowly 310 horsepower (231 kilowatts).

The Duramax still doesn’t have the same torque as the Ford Super Duty though, with 925 pound-feet (1,254 newton-meter), but is much improved over the previous generation, and surpasses the Ram’s 865 pound-feet (1,172 newton-meter) of torque, and the Nissan’s 555 pound-feet (752 newton-meter) of torque.

Source: GM Authority

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