Review: 2016 Lexus GS F

– Detroit, Michigan

If you only judge the GS F by its specs, Lexus immediately gets runner-up status. A luxury sedan with a 467-horsepower, 5.0-liter V8, rear-wheel drive, and every bell and whistle? Sounds great. Problem is, for the same price, Cadillac will sell you a similarly sized CTS-V with a screaming, supercharged, 640-hp V8, a fancy Magnetic Ride Control suspension, and sharper looks than Ol’ Spindly here. Sad trombone, Lexus – you’ve already lost the race.

Lexus believes there’s a customer in this segment who doesn’t care about numbers on spec sheets. But even then, I’m just not sure whether the GS F has enough positive attributes to make me love it as a complete, cohesive package.


  • This is honestly one of the most comfortable cars I’ve ever driven. The plush seats hug you, and the adjustable suspension delivers a perfect balance of comfort and communication. Even on rough roads, the car never feels unsettled, but there’s a good sense of what’s happening beneath you. I would happily drive the GS F across the country and back in one sitting. I wouldn’t as willingly perform the same task in a BMW M5.
  • You can’t beat the sound of a free-breathing V8, and Lexus’ big heart beats with fury. I wish it were a bit louder on its own, without the help of the Active Sound Control amplification system, but there’s nothing quite like hearing it sing at full blast when the tach passes 4,000 rpm.
  • Sound aside, the V8’s a good engine. It’s the same 5.0-liter unit found in the RC ...