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Scott Baker,

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Scott became captivated by the auto industry at an early age, working as a parking valet at a local restaurant. Upon graduation from college, he pursued his interests and began his career at Ford Motor Company where he managed dealer territories across Texas and Oklahoma, learning the auto business at the ground level. After logging tens of thousands of miles across the South and distributing millions of F-150s, Explorers and Mustangs, Scott earned his MBA from Dartmouth and began a new career in the investment management field with Goldman Sachs. Over the span of 25 years, Scott personally managed the financial affairs of some of the country's wealthiest families, and became well-known in the financial industry. In addition to Goldman Sachs, Scott has held senior positions at Morgan Stanley, Citi, and led a start-up trust company that grew to over $10 billion in assets – and which was named the best trust company in the country. While not “working," Scott also became a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), and writes numerous automotive e-commerce patent applications.

Upon retiring from the financial industry, Scott co-founded, a consumer-oriented automotive research and listings site, focused on helping car buyers better understand the financial aspects of buying and owning a vehicle. Through, vehicle shoppers can view and analyze the operating costs of 300+ vehicle models, including depreciation, maintenance, repairs, and insurance costs. 

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