2019 Ford Ranger First Drive: Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger

The 2019 Ford Ranger is proof that mid-sized trucks have come a long way. Remember the outgoing model? It was the definition of a work truck; tough and rugged with no fussy styling cues to get in the way. But that old workhorse is now a more modern machine. Its once-barren cabin is now beaming with tech, its thirsty naturally aspirated V6 makes way for a more-efficient turbocharged four-cylinder engine, and its styling, though subtle, is extremely modern.

Visually, the new Ford Ranger is a far cry from its boxy sibling. Its octagonal grille and slim headlights give the Ranger a sharp-looking mug that pairs with either subtle dark grey (Sport) or classic chrome (Lariat) accents. Wheels vary from 16-inch steelies to optional 17- and 18-inch units. The latter’s off-road options almost look ripped from the F-150 Raptor, for what it’s worth.

But the new Ranger isn’t exactly eye-catching – its lines are relatively straightforward and its cues are cookie-cutter. The only thing that offsets the otherwise simple styling are the color options: Lightning Blue, Sabre (i.e. Yellow), and Hot Pepper Red Metallic are the three most appealing hues on the Ranger and help the otherwise basic design stand out.

2019 Ford Ranger: First Drive

But even without a flashy paint job, it's the proportions that make the Ranger a visually appealing truck. At 71.5 inches tall (in SuperCrew 4x4 c...