2019 Ford Focus Active First Drive: How To Take The High Road

Editor's Note: Motor1.com's Italian contingent has spent time with the new Ford Focus Active, a high-riding variant of the redesigned compact that we, unfortunately, won't be getting in the United States.

In recent years, the SUV market has gone from market phenomenon to a social one. This new fashion has led to the birth of many new models, but also of high-riding variants of normal sedans, station wagons, or five-door cars.

The latest to arrive in Europe is the Ford Focus Active. The crossover variant of the American compact wagon and hatchback completes the Active family after Ka+ and Fiesta, representing an alternative to more traditional SUVs for customers looking for a more approachable character and off-road ability that starts and stops at a dirt roads.

How’s It Look?

Ride height sets the Focus Active apart, identifying it as the variant most suited to dirt roads. The Active sits 1.1 inches higher than the normal Focus, and together with new aesthetic touches gives this car a more SUV-like look

The black grille stands out with a finish that’s also used for the window trim, the mirror caps, and the roof (the latter is also available in the same color as the bodywork at no extra cost). In addition, there are black plastic wheel arches and specific design of the bumpers that feature faux cladding. It looks like essential equipment, although we...