2019 Ford Edge Titanium Review: The Wingman


Verdict 6.8 / 10

As popular as SUVs are these days, not all are selling like crazy. There are some SUVs that sell just okay. I’m talking about mid-size SUVs, such as the Nissan Murano, GMC Acadia, and this one, the 2019 Ford Edge.

Like its mid-sized competition, the Edge slots in Ford’s SUV lineup between the smaller Escape and the larger Explorer. In terms of popularity, it’s no slouch, selling around 10,000 examples per month. But the less costly Escape and more expensive Explorer each sell around twice as much as the Edge. Why the disparity?

The reason might be that mid-size SUVs are the ultimate wingman on dealer lots. If you’re looking at an Edge and concerned about price, here, meet its friend, the Escape, that costs less and is only marginally smaller. Concerned the Edge won’t fit your growing family in a few years? I’d like to introduce you to Explorer, which has three rows of seating and costs just a bit more.

But the Edge has been refreshed for 2019 with a new look and lots of advanced safety features. It makes a better case for not being passed over than it ever has before. The question is, will you go home with one?

Pricing 7/10

Compared to other mid-size SUVs, the new Edge has a relatively low starting price of $29,995; both the Murano and Ac...